Pilih Laman

Department leaders in FISIP UI attended the Handover of the Departmental and Research Center Leadership in FISIP UI. The event, held on Thursday (19/01) in the Juwono Sudarsono Auditorium, was a form of gratitude for the service and dedication of outgoing officials towards FISIP UI during their leadership in the 2012-2016 period, as well as congratulating the new officials holding the positions for the 2016-2021 period.

The incoming and outgoing officials came from various positions in each department and research centers in FISIP UI, including Head of Department, Secretary of Department, Head of Undergraduate Program, Head of Graduate Program and Head of Research Center.

As a form of gratitude, the Dean of FISIP UI, Dr. Arie Setiabudi Soesilo, M.Sc., gave certificates to the outgoing officials. This certificate is the form of appreciation of the faculty to the officials who have borne the responsibilities in each department and research centers.

During the event, the Dean also gave a description of the 2016 Performance Contract of the Dean of FISIP UI. The description included the targets set up one year prior, and the realization of the achievements. The performance contract includes points on student academic performance, lecturer certification and academic publication in international journals. The targets have been achieved, even exceeded, during the year.

In his speech, the Dean of FISIP UI stated that officials in FISIP UI have to continue improving their performance, especially academic excellence in the national and international levels, in order to create a FISIP UI campus with high quality graduates and empowering the community. The event, which was also attended by the vice deans, Board of Faculty Professors and the Faculty Academic Senate, was concluded with a joint photo session.