Department of Communication FISIP UI Held an International Conference about Post Truth Era

Department of Communication Studies FISIP UI together with Center for Communication Studies University of Indonesia (Puskakom) and Postgraduate Association of Communications University of Indonesia held an international conference entitled “Indonesia International Graduate Conference on Communication” (Indo-IGCC). The two-day annual conference was officially opened by the Dean of FISIP UI on Tuesday (11/07), at the Auditorium of Juwono Sudarsono. Indo-IGCC was attended by 74 participants from various universities both domestically and abroad with interdisciplinary. Some of the overseas universities that send their representatives in the Indo-IGCC include University of Munich Germany, Florida State University, Ege University (Turkey), and USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The Keynote Speaker presented is Prof. Alwi Dahlan, Ph.D. (University of Indonesia) and Prof.Dr. Ariel Heryanto (Monash University), and Dr. And Angus (University of Quensland).
This year, the theme is “Communication Governance and Research: Post-Truth Era”, a theme that encourages graduate students and early career researchers to rethink how to collect and organize data in an age where ambiguous sentences are easier to believe than facts . Post Truth Era can be called a specific social shift involving mainstream media and opinion makers. In the Post Truth Era, political directions around the world, such as the Brexit referendum and the US Presidential Election, are more influenced by emotional appeal than objective facts. Moreover, the line between truth and lies, honesty and deceit, fiction and non-fiction have been blurred. Thus, it is expected that in this conference, each participant can practice to internationalize the cases occurring in Indonesia in the Post Truth Era.
The organizers of Indo-IGCC emphasize the importance of this conference not only to increase the potential of networking of academic community in FISIP UI environment, but also as a place for scientific development and scientific publication.

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