Dr. Dinna is an expert in international political economy, development, and diplomacy she built deep understanding of comparative social protection systems and healthcare in East and Southeast Asia. Her expertise and over 19-years of network in the fields landed her in the various experience of being part of the development of Indonesia’s National Health Insurance, including to advise key stakeholders (e.g. President Joko Widodo by being the Head of Working Group on Health & Manpower at Tim Transisi, the State Ministry of National Planning, BPJS Watch, Alliance of Independent Journalists, ILO, UNESCAP, the Ministry of Social Solidarity in Timor Leste), to co-produce research products relevant for NHI transformation (e.g. Evaluation of President Yudhoyono’s Presidency on social welfare for international academic peers, Roadmap to Health Sector reform for President Yudhoyono, Health mapping document for the Ministry of Health, Health Care plan for TNP2K).

She is also among the co-founders of the first interdisciplinary Master-degree program of Social Policy at the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia. Dr. Dinna has visited many countries to speak, teach, research or provide advice to governments (e.g. Cambodia, Timor Leste, Australia) or I-NGOs (e.g. GIZ, ILO).