Agung Suprio has started his career since he was still studying at the University of Indonesia (UI) Political Science undergraduate program. After the 1999 elections, Agung became a member of the Center for Electoral Reform (Cetro) Workers’ Agency from 2000 to 2001.

His next work was to establish Vilters (Center for Civil Military Studies) with his colleagues from UI in 2001. Vilters is the result of his obsession to realize his thesis in the field of Political Science on civilian-military relations in a new era. As a result, Vilters published a book on the shift in civilian-military relations in 2001, using a qualitative research model in twenty second-tier regions in Indonesia.

Agung continued his education at the Universitas Indonesia Political Science postgraduate program, which led to Agung being appointed as Chair of Universitas Indonesia’s Political Science Postgraduate Student and Alumni Association. In 2015, he served as executive director of the Indonesia Public Policy Institute (IPPI). In 2016, Agung was selected as an Indonesian National Television (TVRI) guest announcer on the program Meeting Point (Titik Temu).

Pada tahun 2016, Agung terpilih menjadi komisioner Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI) Pusat periode 2016-2019 dengan amanah sebagai Koordinator bidang Pengelolaan Struktur dan Sistem Penyiaran. Pada periode selanjutnya, Dia mendapatkan kepercayaan menjadi Ketua KPI Pusat 2019-2022.

In 2016, Agung was elected as a commissioner of the Central Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) for the 2016-2019 period, serving as Coordinator of the Management of Broadcasting Structure and Systems. In the next period, he was entrusted to become the 2019-2022 Chairman of KPI.